About Us

Nilfisk Outlet is the official home of refurbished Nilfisk Home and Garden products such as pressure washers, multipurpose DIY vacuums, Steam Cleaners and Pumps.

From time to time we may also have available some other products available such as test machines, discontinued lines or new products with damaged packaging. The site is powered and managed by JMS, one of the largest etailers of Nilfisk products on the web.

JMS is the parent company of Cleanstore, an independently owned website for the sales and service of many retail and commercial cleaning machines. It has been retailing the Nilfisk Home and Garden range since 2005

The Nilfisk Outlet site is a secure web site for the supply of refurbished Nilfisk units . Products come with a full six month Nilfisk warranty which can be extended to 12 months. Refurbished Nilfisk products cost far less that you would pay for an equivalent new model.

If you have any questions regarding refurbished products please email or call us and we will be pleased to help.

The Nilfisk Outlet Team


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